Towerstores provide an easy, convenient and safe way of securing, storing & transporting your LOBO System components.

 Palletized feet ensure the Towerstores can be transported and sited in horizontal or vertical positions.

  • LOBO Scaffold Kits 4512 or 4518 will fit into a Towerstore 0,
  • LOBO Scaffold Kits 4518 or 4524 will fit into a Towerstore 1, 
  • LOBO Scaffold Kits 4530 or 6030 will fit into a Towerstore 2,

with some room for additional components.

A padlock is all you need to secure the door and even though you can see the contents of the Towerstores, you will not be able to remove any LOBO components.

The LOBO Advanced Platform System Towerstores can also be fitted with wheels but only when horizontally positioned.

LOBO Upright Towerstore
LOBO Upright Towerstore
LOBO Scaffold Towerstore with Wheels
LOBO Towerstore with Wheels
LOBO Towerstores
LOBO Towerstores